AP Capital Korea Limited

Efficient, excellent, superlative

  • Hedge Fund

  • Investment Advisory
    Discretionary Investment Management

  • Investment

    Our investment strategy is not a typical type going after
    rapid fluctuations in the market and asset value.
    We focus on the difference between present value
    and intrinsic value. With this investment strategy,
    we can make our customers increase
    stable profit while they are tired of the volatility market.

  • Investment Asset

    Securities : IPO funds, Fund of Fund model
    (AP Capital Absolute Return Fund and offshore IPO fund),
    Global EMP fund etc
    Real Estate : We are implementing investment strategies in
    accordance with Risk & Return profiles for various assets.
    We aim for the highest return through investment and management
    of various class assets considering customer needs and market
    risk volatility.
    · Core Real Estate: Stable equity investments in core region
    trophy assets.
    · Value Added Real Estate: Investments in undervalued assets
    through an active value-raising strategy.
    · Opportunistic Real Estate: Investments that maximize returns
    through risk management such as development and repurposing.

  • Private Equity

    M&A deal making and PM